Since the tour starts in a few days, I figured I’d post this.  I was asked by my bud Dave if I wanted to create the art for his band’s new STUDIO13 vinyl release.  Being a long time Monster Magnet fan, of course I jumped at the chance.  I chipped away at working on it in-between my usual crazy deadlines.  5 mins. here, 5 mins. there… etc.  All in all, I think she came out looking pretty good.

Here’s some more about the release:  Coinciding with their “Dopes To Infinity 2011” European tour, Monster Magnet will release “Dopes”, a 3 song, limited edition EP on 10 inch vinyl. According to Magnet front man Dave Wyndorf the limited edition record contains “all new, re-imagined versions” of “King Of Mars”, “All Friends and Kingdom Come”, and the title track from the band’s 1995 album “Dopes To Infinity”. Wyndorf comments, “We wanted to turn a few songs from “Dopes To Infinity” inside out, y’know? It’s good stuff that we thought deserved the “Studio 13 treatment: Lo-fi, decidedly deranged and extremely psychedelic.”

If you catch them over in Europe, snag a copy.