I have always been a huge fan of the “space race era” and space exploration in general.  I had wanted to create a print that captured the feeling of awe and wonder that we Americans shared back on that night in 1969. When it was broadcast live on TV that man had first set foot on the moon.

I was getting ready to print last week when I heard that Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos had found the Apollo 11 booster rockets and was planning to recover them.  I couldn’t believe that the timing of his announcement coincided with my latest art print. I’m glad that private individuals like Bezos are able to pick up the mantle held by NASA for so long and continue to try and explore space.

I hope that future generations can feel that same sense of awe and wonder and be inspired as I have been.

“One Small Step”

19″ x 25″ Limited Edition hand-pulled silkscreen print

- 19″ x 25″ on 100lb. Cover French Construction Steel Blue paper
- 5 colors
- Signed and numbered, edition of 50
- Hand-made

There’s also a Glow-in-the-Dark ink variant version.  BOTH VERSIONS ARE SOLD OUT!

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