Lately, both of my sons have been bugging me for pocket knives.  They saw my vintage Italian stiletto out on my desk one time and that was all it took.  My boys are 5 yo. and under and (in my opinion) are both too young for a real knife.  So, being a creative-minded kinda daddy, i did the next best thing…  I made them both pocket knives out of recycled corrugated cardboard.


The boys loved them.  Ran around the house all day with them.  Then, my wife came home from a play-date with the boys at their friend’s house last night.  She told me that both of my son’s friends couldn’t put down the knives either.  So, today I had orders for more knives!  I love making things like this with my hands, and as a child, I spent countless hours creating things out of cardboard.  This was awesome super-fun for me.